Institutions Vehicle Management System

  • The parents can know the whereabouts of their children by using our Institutions vehicle management system.
  • We provide over speed alert and door status alert for the vehicles.
  • Complete route management via Geo fencing which enables to trigger pre alert via mobile app or sms to the parents to keep their wards ready for boarding.
  • Our mobile apps help the parents to locate the vehicle any time in case of any delay in the schedule of arrival.
  • Unnecessary phone calls to drivers or the educational Institutions are avoided which gives 100 per cent peace of mind to the parents as well as Institutions.
  • The RFID solution for student management is using the latest technology for monitoring student movements.
  • The entry and exit of each student is recorded and sent instantly via SMS to the parents with the details of location and time stamp. This will make the parents to know their wards movements.
  • The RFID solution enables the management to keep records and also to control the unauthorized entries of strangers in their Institutions.
  • It also monitors and keeps the students to travel in the allotted vehicles.