Employees Transport Monitoring System

  • We provide over speed alert and door status alert for the vehicles.
  • Complete route management via Geo fencing which enables to trigger pre alert via mobile app or sms to the staff/ employees to be ready for boarding in time.
  • Our mobile apps help the staff/ employees to locate the vehicle any time in case of any delay in the schedule of arrival.
  • The RFID solution for staff management is using the latest technology for monitoring their movements.
  • The entry and exit of each employee /staff is recorded and sent instantly via our api to the company management to plan the next shift operations. This will make the company management to plan well in advance for uninterrupted production.
  • Our portable trackers with RFID readers give the freedom to the companies to use it on any vehicles allotted by the vendors day to day.
  • This portable tracker with RFID readers records the entry and exit of the staff travelling in the vehicles with details of locations and time stamp.
  • The driver’s RFID card act as the trip start and closing trigger which enables the management to get the accurate trip odometer report and pay only for the usage.
  • The staff RFID entries can clearly show that the stipulated condition of not dropping the lady staff/ employee in the last stage is maintained.