Fuel Level Monitoring System

  • We are using high accuracy capacitance fuel level sensors to monitor and control the fuel level in the fuel tanks of the fleets.
  • Our system enables to monitor and manage the fuel consumption of single tank as well as multiple tanks up to 10 numbers – first time in the history of fuel monitoring system.
  • Our system helps the customer to monitor and control fuel filling, fuel pilferages and thefts with accuracy level up to 99 %
  • Our system triggers alarm on refilling as well as fuel thefts and pilferages.
  • Our fuel analysis reports helps the customer to get trip-wise fuel consumption and odometer readings which will be much helpful for generating accurate billing.
  • Our trackers keep history records up to 50000 way points and re-upload the same in case of blind areas or GPRS failure areas. This enables the customer to have the complete data even in case of network failures.